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The smallest of the inhabited islands, Gugh, only has a handful of houses. It's connected to the larger island of St. Agnes to its west, by a golden bank of sand. However, when the tide returns, Gugh (pronounced, "Goo") becomes an island once again. Walking the perimeter of the island only takes about 40 minutes, but there's stunning views and much to see all the way around.

The sandbar across to Gugh
The view across the sandbar towards Gugh, with its few houses
dotted on the landscape.

Gugh's houses
A closer view of Gugh's houses, which to us, looked like they'd come
straight from the American Midwest!

Bren fooling around
The legendary Old Man of Gugh, needing a little helping hand
from Bren! The coast of St. Mary's is in the background.

An inviting dip
Another view of Gugh, with its small community of houses. The sandbar in
the centre of the image is the island's only land bridge.

A panoramic view across the sandbar from St. Agnes to Gugh. The whole island, from north to south, fits easily into this shot! Click here for a full image.

A panoramic view of St Mary's and the Garrison, as seen from the eastern coast of Guge. Click here for a full image.

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