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Welcome to the TWO Community Photo Gallery!

Following on from the TWO Community weather photo competition 2004, EOTS have pooled together every single entry into a monthly gallery set.

All photos are copyright the owners.
Photographs are in date order, unless only "month" is specified.

April 2004

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1st April 2004, Dunikolu Island, Baa Atoll, Maldives
A multicoloured Maldivian sunset, after a stormy day.
Darren Smith
aka Darren Smith.

11th April 2004, France
The Isère Valley has welcomed Spring but the mountain is still
covered in thick snow.
aka Brendan Howard.

22nd April 2004, Faulkbourne, Essex
Taken on a beautful spring day in May, Faulkbourne Hall on the outskirts of Witham looks even more majestic than usual. It was originally built in 1440 by Sir R. Montgomery, contains a fine collection of pictures by Vandyke, Vandervelde, and Beechy; and is said to occupy the site of a Roman villa. There are local rumours that there is a secret tunnel from St Nicholas Church to the hall, owned by the first Master of the Braintree social lodge in the 18th century.
Justine Coxell
aka Dotty.

23rd April 2004, Midhurst, Sussex
Storms happen in Spring, too...From light, fluffy and beautiful.
David Wilson
aka David Wilson

27th April 2004, North Norfolk
Taken on the coast facing inland as the plane was flying over.
It's called "A plane sunset".

John Williams

April 2004, Crawley Down
Taken in a field facing South West in my home town. This was Spring time 2004 and in the distance a Cuckoo was singing his song.
Simon Spiers
aka Simon S.

April 2004, North East Scotland
Cumulus on a beautiful spring afternoon.
Debbie Dennis
aka Deedee

April 2004, Bell Hill, near Blandford, Dorset
Paragliders using the thermals which created the clouds.
David Wilson
aka David Wilson

April 2004, Notts
Taken in Notts from M1 in April this year, hard shoulder hogging!
Mark Humpage
aka Markh.

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